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About us Press-room News Vagif Mallayev, the Senior Partner of Lexcellence has been spoken on the 9th Conference in New York City (May 2-3, 2012)

Vagif Mallayev, the Senior Partner of Lexcellence has been spoken on the 9th Conference in New York City (May 2-3, 2012)


Shiparrested Conference 2012On May 2-3, 2012 the 9th Conference took place in New York City, USA.
Hosted by George M. Chalos, Chalos & Co PC, the event took place during the US MLA week. The conference brought together 80 participants flying in from 33 countries at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel located on Central Park.

On the Conference pre- and post-arrest were covered as well as legal procedures. With international table discussions on core topics for the industry (arbitration vs litigation, possibility of arrest after a judicial auction) and sessions on legal changes or arrest procedures in jurisdictions not yet covered by earlier conferences, the seminar was very active with speakers from all continents.

On the Conference the Senior Partner of Lexcellence, Vagif Mallayev has been spoken about recent changes of ship arrest procedure in the Ukraine in the light of the Brussels Ship Arrest Convention of 1952 to be entered into force on May 16, 2012.

Many other topics were presented on the Conference by speakers from all over the shipping world:

- International Panel Discussion: whether Arbitration/litigation is preferred... Chaired by Richard Faint, Arbitrator, Charterwise Ltd. with George M. Chalos (US), Brian Taylor (UK), John Harris (Israel) and V.K. Ramabhadran (India);
- Arrest procedures: important legal changes in Panama by Francisco Carreira-Pitti, Partner, Carreira-Pitti PC Attorneys;
- Arrest procedures in Russia by Leonid Gribanov, Maritime Bureau - Law Firm;
- New Turkish Arrest Rules by Zeynep Özkan, Partner, Özkan Law Office;
- Practical aspects on planning the arrest Christian Hernandez, Partner, ISOLAS, Gibraltar;
- Arrest procedures in Korea by Dong-Hee Suh, Partner, Suh & Co;
- Arrest procedures in Canada and the province of Quebec: recourses available to claimants against the Ocean Carrier, by Marc de Man, Partner, De Man Pilotte;
- Mortgage, Necessaries and Good Faith, by Merav Nur, Naschitz, Brandes & Co;
- International Panel Discussion on Post Arrest chaired by Peter van der Velden, Partner, Kiveld, Netherlands with Brad F. Gandrup (US), Thomas Wanckel (Germany), Henri Najjar (France),
Takayuki Matsui (Japan), Henri Feh (Cameroon).



The necessity and legitimacy of the creation of the Ukrainian International Ship Register

This article examines the necessity and legitimacy of the creation of a Ukrainian International Ship Register as an alternative register to the existing State Register of ships. Attention is drawn to determining the definitions registration of ships, as well as the national and international regulation governing the registration of ships, advantages for the state and shipowners. In this regard, the legal analysis was made concerning the legitimacy of such register. In addition, some proposals were made in order to save the genuine link between State and the ship, creating the mentioned register.



Lexcellence has entered into partnership with Siren's NET

Lexcellence has covered Odessa Sea Port within the Partnership Program of automated solution Siren's NET.




A Legal Status of Receipt & Release Statement in Ukraine

New court practice in application of Receipt & Release Statement in shipping matters to come...