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Четверг, сентябрь 23, 2021
About us Practices White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes


Our company provides services in sphere of protection and representation of clients' interests, members of their families, officials and employees of enterprises on stage of preliminary investigation, pre-trial investigation and trial on criminal and administrative cases.
Basically our company is specialized in offences in sphere of commercial and official activity and accompanying offences which are committed by special subjects - officials, so called "white-collar crimes". Rarely, at our client's requests, we provide protection on common criminal offences such as crimes against property, life and health etc.
Protection is performed by attorneys at law who apply not only advocatory experience but experience they received during their service in law-enforcement bodies and courts.



Ukraine continues fight against corruption.

We offer our overview of recent Ukraine's steps in fighting with corruption. We hope that this article could be of interest to those who provide trade and investment activity in Ukraine.



Fraudulent attempt of criminals to take possession of cargo of 597 cars during carriage on board m/v "FAINA" in March 2013

Shipping team of Lexcellence Law Firm is providing legal support and protects interests of 25 Libyan firms and citizens - owners of 597 vehicles. Instead of POD Bengazi (Libya) the cargo with value of US$20M was shipped and discharged to port of Illyichevsk (Ukraine).



Fraud in The Shipping

We noted that number of fraud in shipping sector has been increased within last three years. Fraud schemes become more sophisticated and involve IT technology    

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