, 23, 2021
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Taxes & Customs


Our lawyers have varied experience in protection of rights and legitimate interests of taxpayers. In general we provide legal services for legal entities and individuals-subjects of entrepreneurial activity. However we are willing to protect interests of an individual who is not a subject of entrepreneurial activity but is an employee of our Client.


Apart from legal advices our team also:


-   provide Clients with prompt information regarding changes in tax legislation;
-  work out efficient schemes of tax planning;
- protect Client's interests in courts and bodies of State Tax Administration.


We are also willing to provide the following services in the sphere of customs law:


- invalidation of state body's acts (card of refusal to perform customs clearance, decisions etc.) which conflict with current legislation;

- recovery of material and moral damages caused by wrongful acts of customs, tax and other bodies in the sphere of customs relations;

- presentation of interests of management subjects and citizens in administrative cases brought on the basis of fact of smuggling;

- protection of citizens during pretrial investigation and hearing on criminal cases brought on the basis of fact of smuggling.




The necessity and legitimacy of the creation of the Ukrainian International Ship Register

This article examines the necessity and legitimacy of the creation of a Ukrainian International Ship Register as an alternative register to the existing State Register of ships. Attention is drawn to determining the definitions registration of ships, as well as the national and international regulation governing the registration of ships, advantages for the state and shipowners. In this regard, the legal analysis was made concerning the legitimacy of such register. In addition, some proposals were made in order to save the genuine link between State and the ship, creating the mentioned register.



Lexcellence has entered into partnership with Siren's NET

Lexcellence has covered Odessa Sea Port within the Partnership Program of automated solution Siren's NET.




A Legal Status of Receipt & Release Statement in Ukraine

New court practice in application of Receipt & Release Statement in shipping matters to come...